News and Events


Exposure Visit for Solapur Rural Core Team
An exposure visit was conducted by ICLEI South Asia for the administrative and elected representatives of TaleHipparga, Ekrukh and Haglur villages and the Agriculture Officer for Integrated Watershed Management Program from the District Collectorate in Solapur on the 6th of June, 2018.

The visit was organised under the Integrated Rural Urban Water Management for Climate based Adaptations in Indian cities (IAdapt) project which is funded by International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada.

The participants, along with ICLEI South Asia team, visited BibiDarfal and Wadala villages to understand the work done with participatory approach of villagers to solve their own water issues.

In BibiDarfal, ICLEI South Asia team gave a brief introduction about the project and its objectives. Mr. Vishal Deshamukh, local expert in water conservation, explained the basic topography of the village. He also focused on the issues faced by villages in terms of water availability, pollution of existing water resources and waste water management problems. All these problems were leading to health issues, economic loss from agriculture sector and superfluous efforts to collect water for domestic usage for villagers.

To help the village overcome these problems, Lokmangal Foundation - a local NGO had conducted awareness campaign and provided financial support for water conservation activities. Nallah (storm water stream) widening, desiltation, plantation, compartment bunding, weir construction, ground water recharge were some of the activities done in the village. All these efforts resulted into ground water recharge as nallah can store more water for longer durations. This has helped the nearby open wells and borewells are receive more water throughout the year. This has also increased the financial incomes for farmers and shortened the distance for drinking water availability.

In Wadala, huge amount of work for sanitation and water conservation has been executed. The work was done on the basis of participatory involvement which resulted in Wadala pattern, a model framework, for water conservation works.

Mr. Baliram Sathe, one of the leaders in the village, has been motivating the residents of the village to practice water conversation, and dedicate a few hours every day to this activity. As a result, villagers have constructed soak pits for gray water, and they now aim for a gutter free village.

From ICLEI South Asia, Mr. Sharad Wagh, Mr. Nikhil Kulkarni, Ms. Geeta Sandal and Ms. Monalisa Sen were present during the visit.

Annual IAdapt partner’s meeting: 21-22 April 2017
The first annual partner meeting was held in Chennai from 21-22 April 2017 to discuss and finalize the project activities and timelines. The meeting was attended by ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, South Asia, Athena Infonomics LLC, International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Detailed discussions on the project activities and the work plan were carried out in the meeting and final timeline was agreed upon by all partners.

Joint Inception Workshop of Two Projects Funded by IDRC under the Initiative 'Cities and Climate Change' Nepal and India
A joint inception workshop was held in Dhulikhel, Nepal from 4-6 May 2016 to kick start two IDRC supported projects. Integrated Rural Urban Water Management for Climate based adaptations in Indian Cities (IAdapt) was one among them.

The three day workshop was attended by representatives of IDRC and all the project partners. The overall goal of the inception workshop was to develop a cohesive understanding of the project with regard to project objectives, implementation arrangements, deliverables, and partner responsibilities. In addition, the workshop will also helped to deepen the understanding on how both the projects can best contribute to city scale planning and governance in the face of climatic uncertainties and rapid socioeconomic changes in Nepal and India.


ICLEI World Congress, 2018
The project was presented in ICLEI World Congress 2018 hosted by the Ville de Montréal, Canada, in a session on Cities-research: Building up science in cities to drive action on the SDGs, and in another session on Gender, urban development and adaptation to climate change, organized by IDRC.

Smart City Expo, 2018
ICLEI South Asia presented the project as a case study for innovative method of addressing water issues in a session focused on Smart Solutions for Wastewater Management in Liveable Cities at the Smart City Expo 2018.

First RURBAN meeting in Vijayawada
The first RURBAN meeting was held in Vijayawada under the chairmanship of the Krishna district collector at his camp office on the 22nd of May 2018. The multi-stakeholder RURBAN meeting was attended by around 35 participants including catchment managers from both urban and rural and representatives of water users. Rural catchment managers included District Collector, CEO Zilla Parishad, Mandal level officers, Department of Agriculture, Department of Horticulture, Department of Panchayat Raj, Department of Irrigation, Department of Rural water supply, Department of Industries, Department of Planning. Urban catchment managers included Additional Commissioner of Vijayawada Municipal Corporation and his team. Water users association included representatives from water users association and industry owners association. At the meeting, Athena introduced the stakeholders to the concept of Integrated Water Resource Management and explained on how the IAdapt project hopes to bring in participatory water resource management through the enabled ecosystem built through the RURBAN platform. Appreciating the project, the District collector and the Additional commissioner (on behalf of the Commissioner) representing the rural and urban catchment managers respectively have ensured support on the project and all its activities.

Resilient Cities Asia-Pacific 2017- IDRC cities Solapur and Vijayawada participated in RCAP 2017:
Mayors from Solapur and Vijayawada cities participated in the 3rd Asia-Pacific Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation held from 7-8 December 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The congress provides an Asia-Pacific platform for urban resilience and climate change adaptation where dialogues are conducted to forge partnerships, with the ultimate goal of identifying implementable solutions and creating lasting impacts for cities in the region. The event provided opportunities to both the mayors to share about the project in different sessions.

XI World Aqua Congress 2017:
The 11th World Aqua Congress (XI WAC-2017) was organized with an objective to bring best of the solutions from around the world on a single platform, and present them to Indian government, policy makers and industry. ICLEI South Asia presented its initiatives under EU funded project on AdoptIUWM and IDRC funded I Adapt project. A paper on IAdapt concept and methodology was also published in XI World Aqua Congress Report.

India Water Week 2017:
ICLEI South Asia presented IDRC funded project on Integrated Rural Urban Water Management for Climate based adaptations in Indian Cities (IAdapt) under Technology solutions for the water-energy nexus session in India water week held on Wednesday, October 11, 2017.

Moscow Urban Forum 2017
The Forum was organised on 6-12 July 2017 in Moscow. In the event, ICLEI presented the work done by ICLEI on healthy natural ecosystems with local authorities and the IAdapt project was also presented as part of the presentation.

The Resilient Cities 2017, Bonn
The RC Bonn 2017 was organised in Bonn by ICLEI on 4-6 May 2017. This is a global platform which brings together practitioners and researchers to discuss urban resilience. A panel discussion was organised in cooperation with IDRC on Innovative strategies for water management in fast-growing cities, where the IAdapt project was also discussed.

Disaster Day Event
The event was organised by UN on October 13, 2017 in New Delhi. A presentation was made on resilience and cities by ICLEI in the event and the IAdapt project was also mentioned in the event.

Smart Cities Expo 2017
The event was organised in 10-12 May 2017 in New Delhi. The project was presented on 11 May under the Water Theme – Reviving water resources and management session.