Cities in South Asia face extreme water insecurity due to a changing climate and rapid urbanization. The cumulative impacts of urbanization and climate change factors can include flooding, water shortages and drought, within city boundaries and in their surrounding catchments, as well as a range of short-term and long-term consequences on human health, physical assets, economic development, and social systems. Cities are not closed systems and in most cases, city centric responses alone are inadequate. Integrated Rural Urban Water Management for Climate Based Adaptations in Indian Cities (IAdapt) initiative in two Indian cities provides a RURBAN platform to bring societies, authorities and communities from rural and urban areas together to manage the water source and their catchments.

About the Project

Integrated Rural Urban Water Management for Climate Based Adaptations in Indian Cities (IAdapt) is a three year project supported by IDRC, Canada, that focuses on empowering cities to transition from traditional approaches of water management (which considers water supply, wastewater and storm water as separate entities to be planned, implemented and operated in silos) to an ‘Integrated Approach’ based on the principles of integrated water resource management (IWRM) and integrated urban water management (IUWM).

The primary objective is to institutionalize climate change adaptation measures by creating an enabling ecosystem in cities to adopt and implement IUWM approaches at a city level and IWRM approaches at catchment level guided by participatory catchment planning, simple decision support tools, catchment level action plans development and multipronged financing approaches for the plans.

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The project will lead to production of some high quality publications which can be used by the scientific community as well as local level practitioners. This section details all such material that has been produced through the project till date.



The project is funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) under its ‘Cities and Climate Change’ program.


The project partners are